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Nowadays you need to be far more competitive in your quest to find a good job in the instructional design field. Once a job is posted online, employers get hundreds, even thousands, of resumes in quick response. Of course, the tougher times are in a job market, the more resumes you'll have to compete with.

Try hard to avoid the temptation of reviewing several resume samples in order to quickly copy/paste the text into your own resume.
Don't waste your time duplicating the content of an existing sample resume. Clearly, this is a very popular resume example if you were able to quickly find this great sample resume in an online search. Search engines move the resume examples that get the best traffic high up on their search lists. So clearly, if you make the mistake of lifting content from the popular resume example, many of your competitors will as well. Human Resources Representatives also tend to be very familiar with many popular online resume examples, including their content, formatting, and templates.

It's best to just use resume examples as a way to measure the talent of prospective resume writers. It will be easy to tell if the resume writing service is expert in the instructional design industry by inspecting their sample resumes. Does the resume pro know the keywords that need to be utilized in instructional designer resumes? How aggressively did the resume writer sell the jobseeker to their main objective? Do they strictly use mediocre templates or do they use individual and stunning formats?
Did they showcase quality instructional design cover letter examples? If not, did they demonstrate exceptional cover letter writing for other industries?

If you are a highly skilled instructional designer, and you plan on drafting your own resume to be effective in a aggressive job market, then try not to work with resume examples. If you really feel compelled to duplicate text and formatting, then at least work from numerous resume examples and customize the content. You wouldn't like to be caught in the act of using the exact same content from an online resume sample that is known to most HR representatives in your industry. And you should find news ways to enhance the format to make your resume a visual stunner. Otherwise, use instructional design resume examples to ascertain the skill sets of online resume writing services. If you research a writer service that claims to have outstanding expertise in writing instructional design resumes, then you need to look into their claims.

You should review the web site and see if the service offers helpful tips for instructional design professionals. Do they know the most effective instructional design keywords? What other tools do they provide for instructional design professionals? Are they any good at developing cover letters? Do they use standard cover letter templates? Are their "expert" resume writers certified? Were the writers who developed the resume examples credentialed through a respected organization? Do their writers have specific expertise in aiding instructional design professionals? Did the writer demonstrate the ability to be as objective and critical of their own writing as instructional design employers? Do the writers refuse to follow templates and present examples that could perform well in today's competitive instructional design job market? If the resume service introduces a superior display on their web site, as well as amazing instructional design resume examples, then call them to have your questions answered personally.

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